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Is Green Tea Good For Losing weight?

    You could see a green tea metabolism booster in virtually any drugstore or even Wal mart. Multiple studies have been conducted concerning green tea extract as well as weight loss. It is those reports that are used when the grounds for the promises made by the supplement manufacturers. Although the product is a beneficial part of any healthful weight reduction program, several of the claims made by making companies are overstated.


    If perhaps you read through the terms and conditions on green tea metabolism boosters, you are going to see which results vary. For best results a nutritious diet as well as regular exercise are recommended. If perhaps you read the label of Phenq Active Ingredients, you are going to see that caffeine is added to the mix. After all of these years and also though nearly all individuals consume too much caffeine, anyway, it’s still considered an appetite suppressant.

    The majority of the studies concerning green tea extract and fat loss were conducted using laboratory animals. Logically speaking, it may possibly have been the caffeine which caused the animals to become thin, since caffeine is something which they don’t ordinarily consume. But, there was one recent study concerning green tea and weight reduction that humans which are involved, during exercise.

    Study of Green Tea Metabolism

    It was an extremely small study, consisting only of 11 healthy males, although the outcome was promising. The volunteers were often given a green tea metabolism booster or a placebo. Fat oxidation was assessed after both groups spent thirty minutes on an exercise bike. In the group which was given the true supplement, body fat oxidation was over in the control group. In other words, the males that got the supplement burned more “fat” throughout the workout of theirs than those that did not.

    Whenever the results of this particular study were publicized, many people believed that green tea extract as well as losing weight are closely connected. Nevertheless, there is just limited evidence of this benefit. If you are trying to lose fat, here is the recommendation of mine.

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