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Simple Weight Loss Plan

    The math is quite simple. A pound of fat equals 3500 calories. Want to drop a pound each week? Then you need to ingest 3500 calories less a week than you make use of. That is about 500 calories 1 day. By cutting away 500 calories one day from the regular daily diet of yours, while keeping your activity level the exact same, you are able to drop around one pound a week.

    All right – that doesn’t sound like much, particularly if you are more than 25 pounds overweight. Study after study has shown, nevertheless,, that those people who lose weight loss pill ads (hop over to here) gradually – at a rate of 1 2 pounds each week are far more likely to keep the pounds off and keep a regular weight for a lifetime.

    So how much exactly IS 500 calories? If you are going to reduce the daily consumption of yours by 500 calories, it helps you to know what you have to cut out, correct? Here is how simple it is losing 500 calories a day:

    * Use whole milk rather than cream in your coffee. Savings? fifty calories per cup.

    * Skip the butter on your baked potato. Savings? 100 calories

    * Drink fruit flavored water rather than a 16 ounce soda. Savings? 200 calories

    * Skip the Big Mac and have a salad instead. A major Mac is in at a whopping 460 calories. A unique salad with a mild dressing? Below hundred! Savings? 360 calories

    * Pass by the bag of potato chips. An typical snack size bag of chips has over 300 calories. Savings? 300 calories

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