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Some Alone At Nighttime Screens — Candy For Your Eyes

    As I’ve most likely mentioned earlier than, previous to this installment of Alone at the hours of darkness, I was by no means actually fascinated about it. Sure, it was the original survival horror title, but it surely just wasn’t Resident Evil. Anyway, somebody over at the PS3 Boards took it upon themself to up two wallpaper-worthy loopy/lovely screenshots (no, not the terrible Kirsten Dunst film). Since the game is more of an interactive novel than a “health-bar, ammo show” action sport, we’re not entirely positive if the screenshots are pre-rendered or in-recreation. We’ll side with logic and purpose and assume they’re pre-rendered.

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    The necessity for more polish extends past visible ‘feel’, unfortunately. Quests usually have very attention-grabbing stories behind them, but their goals are dirt simple – nearly always devolving to “kill ten rats”. The lack of variation in actual questing goals, particularly at low levels, can make an in any other case pleasing expertise monotonous. Some zones clearly simply need another go or two to clear up problems. NPCs typically spawn into static structures, or don’t appear to be shifting in the correct patterns. The at all times-entertaining “NPC dies but doesn’t despawn” problem seems to be a pervasive one in Warhammer, resulting in whole fields of upright corpses in sure areas.

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